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Hier entsteht die Website von AWARE – Gemeinsam bewusst sein.

Sei gespannt auf frische Impulse rund um das Thema Bewusstseinsbildung, Wachstum & Gemeinschaft.

Das AWARE-Team,
Dunja, Sarah & Agnese

Trage dich hier ein und wir informieren dich, sobald die Website online ist.

T A K E   A   S U R V E Y

Please fill out the survey for Agnese’s Bachelor Project – AWARE. It is an online course and networking platform which recognises and supports every user on their individual journey to embark on the adventure of self-knowledge. Online-courses on AWARE are created – recorded and edited, owned, led and managed by a “guide”, who helps course participants to focus on the important questions and learn essential tools he or she can use on the journey to the deep inside.

It takes only around 3 min to fill it out & any help is highly appreciated!

Please take a look at seven screen examples below (you can swipe them) and then proceed to questions by clicking on the green „Survey“ button.

T H A N K    Y O U !